Preparing for C2’s Homecoming

Today, Dennis Guiney and I repaired the nesting platform of Coley II (C2) and added some more sticks to the nest. I also put a little dry Spartina wrack on the nest to provide a soft cushion for the eggs. Hopefully, C2 will be back in NYC area in a week and return to this site.

C2 nest improvements


  1. I have tried several times to respond to entries of the last few weeks and the posts never show up. My comments are NOT inappropriate. I think that something is wrong here!

    • I have taken some photos of Osprey from yesterday, you can insert pictures on this page?

      • We can insert pictures into your comment for you or, possibly, put them in a separate post. We’ll email you privately about this.

  2. Ann, thanks for pointing this out. It seems many comments were being sent to spam erroneously and were then automatically deleted. Hoping we have the problem fixed now!

  3. Ann, I have posted several comments as well and they didn’t show up either. Not sure why.

    I’m so excited for the return of Coley I and II!

    • Dianne, sorry but your comments must have been deleted. We will look out for your future comments and make sure they get posted.

  4. Please note, I contacted the Harbor Conservancy to alert them that comments were not getting posted and have been informed that the problem has been identified and corrected. Looking forward to posting questions and comments. Thanks for the follow up.

  5. I’m wondering if human enhancements of their nests is ever a problem for Ospreys?

    • A good question, Ann. Ospreys actually have no problems with people “helping” them build their nests or providing nesting structures for them. In fact, most of the Osprey nest structures are made by people, and personally I have built more than a dozen nests to “encourage” Ospreys to use a nesting structure. Both Coley I and Coley II nested on human made structures built just for Ospreys. Over the years, I have seen Osprey nests on a variety of human made structures, from cell towers to an active dock, where people and pets could walk right up to the nest. Ospreys perhaps are the most adaptable bird of prey to the presence of humans. On Nantucket, we call the telephone poles put out as nest structures “High Rise Trophy Homes” as they are placed by the water with absolutely priceless views of the island! So people are no problem for Ospreys.

      • Thank you so much for that informative responsive. It is wonderful that the comments section has been repaired.

  6. Watching for our Ocean Beach osprey in New London CT to return also.