Coley the 1st, Is That You?

Ranger Shalini Gopie reports that a male Osprey arrived at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge yesterday morning, joining the female at Coley I’s nest. Here is her photo, taken at 9 am today.

Osprey pair at Coley I's nest


  1. Beautiful….like an Impressionist painting. Thank you.

  2. Is there no way to determine IF this is Coley 1 and what is likely to happen when Coley II gets here? Will a mate appear?

    • Dolores, regarding your first question, Dr. Bob says: “I am sure that is Coley who arrived at his nest on Saturday afternoon the 22nd. He arrived home last year late in the afternoon on March 20th so he arrived right on schedule this year. Amazing how accurate these birds can be!”

      As to your second question, we are expecting Coley II to reunite with his mate at the nest, but will have to wait and see what happens. As Dr. Bob explains in the migration faq, if the interval of time between the arrival of the two mates is long, the earlier of the two may end up mating with a different bird.

  3. How do you insert a picture Osprey taken at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge on 03.23.2014?

  4. Great that Coley is back, wish they had better weather. Best wishes for a successful season to both osprey couples!