C2 Stalled in South Carolina

Weather in the eastern US was horrible last week and still is today. In our last report, Coley II (C2) was northwest of Savannah, Georgia on the morning of March 26th and it looked as if he was about to head toward home with little hang-up. However, the weather slowed him down once more. In fact, after a short flight of only about 75 miles on the 26th, he located a small pond in the town of Norway, South Carolina about 40 miles south of Columbia, where he has spent more than 2 days waiting out the bad weather. Our last data point for him was on March 29th at 7 am. As it is currently snowing in Jamaica Bay, I am hoping that C2 is still tucked away in a warmer place, fishing and waiting until the winds and weather are favorable for him to start north again.

So Day 11 of C2’s migration was a short one to Norway, South Carolina. Days 12 & 13 (March 27th and 28th) were spent at a fishing pond in Norway, where he was still located on the morning of Day 14 (March 29th) at 7 am.

Hopefully, we will have some good weather beginning later today, which lasts until our friend makes it home.

C2 and Dr. Bob signing off.


Bulls eyes = Osprey’s location every hour.
Lines = Sequence of locations in time (not the actual flight path)
Times in the data points are Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Click the Map, Sat(ellite), Ter(rain) or Earth buttons on the map for alternate views. The Earth view requires you to have the free Google Earth software on your computer. For a larger map, go to Google Maps or download the KML file to view in your copy of Google Earth.


  1.  Smart bird. His mate is here though and shes getting impatient:) Don
  2.  Please.ohplease.tell us where C2 is!
  3.  Please give us an update.soon! Im worried. This is like a soap opera!
  4.  did he make it