Three Chicks in Coley’s Nest

Last time we checked in on Coley we reported that he and his mate were raising two chicks. Looks like we missed one! Here, the June 5th report from Ranger Colleen Sorbera:

I recently returned from a wonderful two hours at the South Marsh watching Mom, Coley and three chicks. Yes — three!  I had heard rumors there was a third but didn’t see it for myself until today.

Park visitors and I had clear views of all three chicks during two separate feedings.  They’re getting big now and their dark adult feathers are starting to come in, but they still have red eyes. Their eyes will turn yellow when they become adults. The chicks did not seem to know what to do with their wings and they have no tail feathers out yet, which only adds to their clumsy cuteness. Mom went on a short flight leaving the chicks on their own for a few minutes this afternoon.  The chicks stayed camouflaged against the brown nest. At one point, Coley escorted a third adult osprey away from the nest, making sure nothing would interfere with the family. Apparently fishing is good –  the Osprey parents brought in two nice-sized flounder today.  Feel free to stop in to the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge to visit the new chicks!


  1. Thanks for the report, Colleen. Glad to hear Coley and family are doing well! All the best, Diane