Meet Coley II

C2 closeupThe second round of Osprey’s Journey began on May 15th when we caught and equipped a new Osprey with a satellite tracking device to follow his movements around Jamaica Bay and his migration down south.

We are so appreciative of the ongoing support of our project funder, Coleman P. Burke, that we have decided to name the new guy Coley II in his honor.

It was very exciting to see that Coley II, or C2, as we have affectionately started calling him, was banded as a young chick. From his U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service band we have been able to learn a lot more about C2’s origin than we ever knew about Coley’s.

Coley II was born in a nest on top of the chimney of the Officer’s Club in Fort Hancock, NJ [part of Gateway National Recreation Area]. He hatched on approximately June 1, 2008 and was banded on July 8th when he was about 5 to 6 weeks old. He is an only child.

At 5 years old (as of June 2013), C2 is a fairly young Osprey. He has made his home on the southeast side of Yellow Bar Hassock, a marsh island in Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, 12.85 miles away from his hatching site.

We will keep the tracking device on C2 for a year. We look forward to learning as much about him as we can in that time and to sharing the journey with you.


  1. Thanks for the update on Coley II! Hope he does well and stays safe. Glad to hear the transmitters will be “rotated” to different osprey after one year.