Family Time

Coley and his mate seem to be enjoying an avian version of domestic bliss these days. Dr. Kennedy will be getting out an update soon, but in the meantime, the park rangers at Jamaica Bay are keeping a close eye on the transmitter’s broken strap. Ranger Colleen was at the nest on Sunday:

We watched the nest for about 2 hours today – saw Coley bring in a fish for his mate and make 3 trips with nesting material.  His pack still seems to be in perfect position.

The project team visited the nest early last week and observed the pair currently incubating three eggs which are expected to hatch out in the next week or so. Soon, Coley will be re-trapped and the pack removed, but until then we’ll continue to keep watch on these busy parents.


  1. Patiently waiting, three eggs here and three eggs on IBSP. Will be great if all six hatch within the same time frame. madelyn

    • IBSP – can you identify/spell out — where? Thanks, Ann

      • Finally figured it out — IBSP = Island Beach State Park; there is a camera on the osprey nest there…swaying in the breeze.

  2. Need to stop by the nest. Have not been there since Month before Sandy. Hopefully we can get a cam going next year so we can watch the osprey from start to finish with their family. It would at least be a lot closer the the two nests I currently watch in Montana.

  3. The nest at IBSP has four eggs. I had miscounted. Still patiently waiting. Very windy today. Feathers ruffled.


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