Has the Mate Returned?

The National Park Service Ranger team at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge reports spotting an Osprey on the nesting platform as of this afternoon!

As we know, Coley isn’t in New York yet, so which bird has claimed the roost? Has his mate arrived ahead of him as Dr. Kennedy predicted? Rangers report that it looks like a male Osprey so perhaps Coley has a challenger already, we’ll have to wait and see.

We’ll keep you posted as more spottings occur.



  1. I am so excited! I cannot wait to go to the refuge. Maybe tomorrow.

  2. Godspeed Coley!

  3. Hurry hurry Coley but be safe

  4. Your so lucky to have Dr. Kennedy in your area! I love watching this site. I live next to Ocean Beach Park, New London CT. We have osprey too. The osprey have returned to this site for decades. Sad to say a group would like to take down their tower/nest to make the osprey tower into a clock tower. Our group could use support to protect our osprey. Any sugggestions?! newenglandrealtor@yahoo.com
    Thank you!!


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