Safely across the Caribbean!

On 12 Noon on March 8th Coley safely arrived 15 miles off the extreme southwest coast of Haiti on the island of Hispaniola; reaching land around 12:45 pm that day.  He made the 440-mile flight from the La Guajira Peninsula in Colombia in less than 23 hours, holding a steady course north northwest the entire time.   At our last data point at 4pm on the 8th, Coley was still flying over Haiti, this time to the east.  I suspect that he spent the evening in Haiti before heading north northwest to Cuba Saturday.

In four days Coley has travelled more than 700 miles and has now completed the longest and most dangerous leg of his journey home.

If my prediction’s correct the next report should show Coley well into his flight through Cuba.

Thanks again for your input and support. Coley and Dr. Bob Signing off.

Bull’s eyes = Osprey’s location every hour.
Lines = Sequence of locations in time (not the actual flight path)

Click the Sat(ellite), Ter(rain) or Earth buttons on the map for alternate views. The Earth view requires you to have the free Google Earth software on your computer. For a larger map, go to Google Maps or download the KML file to view in your copy of Google Earth.


  1. This is awesome! Thank you for providing this.

  2. Go Coley! This guy is quite an accomplished traveler.

  3. Go Coley! He is doing great and thanks for the updates. Such exciting news!

  4. I love this story! My daughter corrected me and said “It’s not a story, it’s a bird’s life!”

  5. one of our pair arrived potomac river, south of dc on march 9.

  6. Fantastic…Thanks for sharing this great news on Coley’s journey

  7. This is really cool! They are my favorite part of driving from BC to HB and back, and now I can keep tabs on them.

  8. One of the osprey is on the nest

  9. If the arrival is Coleys mate, I hope she waits for him. He should be arriving shortly.

  10. Come on home Coley we are all waiting for you! Please be safe and eat lots of fish.


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