On the Home Stretch

To quickly recap, Coley made it to Virginia on March 16th and spent the 17th sitting out bad weather in the area. We continue the saga here.

March 18th: Coley spent a second day in the same area of Virginia, apparently stalled again by the bad weather in the Northeast. He was about 7 miles northeast of Mechanicsville in the Richmond suburbs, resting and possibly fishing in several small ponds, including West Pond, in the area.

March 19th: With a storm raging in the Northeast (we had 14 inches of snow in New Hampshire), Coley delayed heading north until most of the storm had passed his area. Shortly after 11am, he headed northeast flying about 130 miles reaching Greensboro, on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. We do not have an exact time of his arrival there but most likely it was around 7pm. He is just east of Talbot County — arguably the Osprey Capital of the world.

March 20th: We do not have any data for today yet, but the weather has passed and the winds are coming from the west and southwest, relative good conditions for Coley to fly home — Hold everything!!!!! Just received an email from Jamaica Bay naturalist Don Riepe who reported that he spotted and photographed Coley at 5:20 pm this evening, sitting in the marsh by his nest with his mate while she was eating a fish. We know it was him as his satellite transmitter antenna was clearly visible projecting from the transmitter backpack. CONGRATULATIONS COLEY – YOU MADE IT.

He covered the 2600-mile journey home in 15 days and 7 hours!!!

Next report as new data is available.

Coley and Dr. Bob Signing off.

Bull’s eyes = Osprey’s location every hour.
Lines = Sequence of locations in time (not the actual flight path)

Click the Sat(ellite), Ter(rain) or Earth buttons on the map for alternate views. The Earth view requires you to have the free Google Earth software on your computer. For a larger map, go to Google Maps or download the KML file to view in your copy of Google Earth.


  1. Oh, the good news. Don Riepe’s the man, for sure.
    Maybe he’ll share that photo with the blog? Lovely, lovely, lovely. Thanks so much Bob. This journey’s been a delight to follow. Welcome home, Coley. Do we have a name for his mate?

  2. Awesome news!

  3. Welcome home, Coley. Welcome Home!

  4. Welcome Home Coley! I am so happy to read this news of his safe arrival. Thank You for the reports, I enjoyed following Coley’s migration.

  5. Outstanding! Wonderful adventure to follow. Thank you

  6. Wonderful news. Thanks for detailed description of Coley’s journey, it’s been very exciting to read. My students will be very happy to learn that Coley has returned to New York and is happily reunited with his mate.

  7. Outstanding; welcome home.

    And thanks again to the amazing people who made this project happen.

  8. Congratulations, Coley! So nice to have you home!

  9. Three cheers for Coley…….Welcome home!!

  10. So happy Coley made it safely home to his mate.

  11. This has been so much fun to follow Coley to his wintring grounds and back. Love to know where the female goes in the winter too.


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