News from the Nest

Ranger Dave Taft checked in on our mystery osprey that has been hanging around the nest platform in Jamaica Bay.

On Friday, March 15th he reports that a large Osprey which seemed like an adult female on a tussock next to the nest. This bird had clear dark back and a streakier breast, while males typically have white breasts. It’s believed this same bird has been spotted at the nest a few times.

It looks like Coley has an eager audience waiting up on his return.


  1. So where’s Coley now?

  2. I saw what appeared to be an osprey in the bird sanctuary while driving along Crossbay today! Any idea who it might be if Coley isn’t here?

  3. Is there any way to know if the female by the nest is Coley’s mate?

    • Last May Dr. Kennedy did band Coley’s mate with a lightweight metal tag around her leg. Unfortunately the Ranger team hasn’t been able to get a close enough look to spot the band. We’ll have to wait and see.

  4. Aha! Didn’t get a really close look at it but I thought I saw osprey over the bay during a paddle out of the Sebago Canoe Club yesterday. Sounds like that’s possible. This was near Canarsie Pol, where I see that the platform’s been replaced.