Let the Adventure Begin

Shortly before 10am Tuesday morning, Coley lifted off a perch in Bird Marsh, his winter home in northern Colombia. He flew a half mile to the north, most likely to fish one last time, and then began reversing the route that he followed to Bird Marsh at the end of his fall migration on September 26th.

At 11am, just 11 miles southeast of Bird Marsh, he headed northeast toward the Caribbean Coast. By 5pm on Tuesday, he had traveled some 60 miles.

It’s very likely that on Tuesday he continued until twilight until he landed along the coast to spend the night.  I predict he reached the northern most point in Colombia on the La Guajira Peninsula by early Wednesday morning, and from there I suspect that he will head due north on a non-stop 500 mile flight over the Caribbean Sea.  When we get our next data download in a day or two, we will see how accurate my crystal ball has been.

His departure comes 12 days later than we predicted he would leave his winter home.  With good weather and no accidents along the way, we predict his arrival at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge in Queens, New York between the 20th and 30th of March.

From this point on, STAY TUNED and I will report as frequently as I can on his movements north. Next report should show Coley already somewhere on the islands of Hispaniola or Cuba!?

Thanks again for your input and support, we are off to a great start.

Coley and Dr. Bob Signing off.

Bull’s eyes = Osprey’s location every hour.
Lines = Sequence of locations in time (not the actual flight path)

Click the Sat(ellite), Ter(rain) or Earth buttons on the map for alternate views. The Earth view requires you to have the free Google Earth software on your computer. For a larger map, go to Google Maps or download the KML file to view in your copy of Google Earth.


  1. I wonder what instinct told him to delay his departure until because of the snow storm that is currently battering New York? I’m going to follow Coley’s lead and get out of New England for the winter next year!

  2. I predict he won’t fly due north. It’ll be northwest.

  3. I’m gonna get some popcorn and just watch. It will be interesting to see who’s prediction is more accurate.