Osprey Equipped with GPS Device

The Harbor Conservancy and National Park Service successfully captured an adult male osprey today and equipped him with a GPS tracking device in order to follow this captivating bird’s hunting trips and migrations. Dr. Bob Kennedy joined Park Rangers, Harbor Conservancy staff, board director and funder Coleman Burke and volunteers at the Wildlife Refuge’s south marsh to capture the bird and fit him with a 30 gram, solar-powered “backpack” satellite transmitter. Despite the drizzle, the project went smoothly and the birds were seen once again at the nest shortly after being released.

In the following two videos, made prior to the capture, Dr. Kennedy, the ornithologist on the project, explains how the GPS device will work and the plan for the capture.

The next video shows Dr. Kennedy outfitting the Osprey with the GPS pack.

This final video shows the Osprey being released.

Go to our YouTube channel for more videos with Dr. Kennedy about the project and Ospreys generally.